Technical Paper: Trend-Kriged Seismic Velocities to Predict Pore Pressure and to Model Effective Stress for Reservoir Characterization in a Deepwater Basin

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 2369812
Presentation Date: 2006


To optimize drilling decisions and well planning in overpressured areas, predrill pore pressure predictions are essential. Knowledge of pore pressure implies knowledge of the effective stress, which is one of the key inputs for 3D and 4D seismic reservoir characterization. This case study focuses on how high-resolution seismic velocities (Banik et al., 2003) were used to predict pore pressure and effective stress in a deepwater environment. The velocity to pore pressure transform was calibrated using existing well log data. To allow for consistency between well and seismic data and stratigraphic layers, geostatistical mapping (trend-kriging) techniques were applied using several key horizons. Thus, the final trend-kriged model is constrained by the structural framework and the geology of the basin.