Technical Paper: Impact of Uncertainty of Heavy Oil Fluid Property Measurements

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 134000
Presentation Date: 2010
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Heavy oil is particularly known for the difficulty it presents to obtaining accurate fluid property measurements. This measurement uncertainty affects the quality of fluid property data, which in turn affects the accuracy of the production forecast.

Fluid specialists investigated the impact of uncertainty for properties of live oil viscosity and saturation pressure, or the initial gas/oil ratio. Reservoir simulations were performed for case studies characterized by a reservoir fluid of 9 API gravity and geologies similar to those of the Faja region of Venezuela.

The authors’ work established two base cases and the underlying process mechanisms, one assuming a primary production process and one a steam-assisted gravity drainage process. Sensitivity studies of fluid property variations determined the effect on the process. Findings determined the process mechanism dictated the magnitude of the sensitivity to different fluid properties. The uncertainties of the recovery prediction obtained from a reservoir simulator confirmed the importance of selecting accurate fluid property data.

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