Technical Paper: Case Studies on Simulation of Wax Deposition in Pipelines

Society: IPTC
Paper Number: 13420
Presentation Date: 2009


The problems caused by wax deposition during production and transportation of waxy oil are a matter of industry concern. While the wax precipitation models depict the thermodynamic behavior of waxy oil, modeling of wax deposition in production facilities and pipelines focuses on how soon wax will accumulate. The deposition simulation appears to be a more challenging task because of its complexity and the limited measured data available in the open literature.

A compositional simulator is introduced for modeling of wax deposition in a pipeline. This model is founded on a thermodynamics model from the authors’ previous work and is equipped with major wax deposition mechanisms as well as a tuning function. Four case studies demonstrate it to be a practical tool in flow assurance simulation. The results also suggest that a promising methodology can be applied in flow assurance study when the simulator is tuned with measurements from the high-pressure deposition cell.

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