Technical Paper: Integrated Use of NMR Logs, Petrel and Modflow in the Modeling of SAGD Produced Water Re-Injection

Society: World Heavy Oil Congress
Paper Number: 11-571
Presentation Date: 2011


This paper presents a study conducted to estimate the flow path and the time that produced water from a proposed re-injection well near a SAGD field in western Canada would take to reach an adjacent freshwater aquifer. The approach was based on the use of NMR logs to provide a detailed evaluation of the hydraulic conductivity and the use of Petrel seismic-to-simulation software to define the hydrogeological units in the re-injection area. Once the relevant oilfield and groundwater data is integrated into the static hydrogeological model, the modeler has the choice of running multiphase scenarios using a simulator such as ECLIPSE reservoir simulation software, or a single-phase simulator such as MODFLOW three-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling application, or the FEFLOW advanced finite-element subsurface flow and transport modeling system.

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