Technical Paper: Use of Horizontal Well Image Tools to Optimize Barnett Shale Reservoir Exploitation

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 103202
Presentation Date: 2006
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Horizontal wells represent a growing percentage of the drilling activity in low-permeability reservoirs in the US. With effective stimulation techniques these wells have demonstrated favorable economics compared to vertical wells in the same reservoir due to the much larger hydraulic fracture surface area created.

This paper describes how formation images have been used to implement changes to the completion process in horizontal Barnett Shale wells. Stimulation staging and perforation placement strategies now utilize this information. In addition, actual stimulation pressure responses and microseismic activity are compared to those predicted from image logs. Infill drilling strategies taking into account the location of offset hydraulic fractures are reviewed as well.

One log-evaluation tool that is being used more frequently in horizontal wells is the formation imager. It produces electrical images of the borehole that provide detailed structural information such as faulting and natural fracturing. The images can also be used to estimate the stress state along the lateral via the presence and orientation or absence of drilling induced fractures. With this information, important completion decisions can be made.


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