Technical Paper: A Field Study of Coiled-Tubing Material Loss and Ovality

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 113669
Presentation Date: 2008
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Coiled tubing integrity remains at the forefront in the mind of end users, particularly in high-end applications. Due to a number of wear factors, the properties of a coiled-tubing string change over time when it is run into and pulled out of a well.

A typical coiled tubing string is exposed to a variety of applications during its lifetime, each having a different effect on the material. Ovality and wall thickness loss thus become critical telltale indicators for the condition of the pipe and its potential serviceability. Devices for ovality and wall thickness measurement, whether performed off-line or in real time during a job, are readily available.

This paper demonstrates how one such device has been used for various services with coiled tubing, including acid-stimulation work in Saudi Arabia, coiled tubing drilling work in Alaska, nitrogen kickoff, cleanout, and coiled tubing spooling in Columbia, and extensive operations in the Barnett Shale, Texas. These case studies will show the evolution of material loss and ovality and how the information can be used to monitor and maximize the life of the coiled tubing string in a way that no other technique or model is capable.

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