Technical Paper: Simultaneous Hydraulic Fracturing of Adjacent Horizontal Wells in the Woodford Shale

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 119635
Presentation Date: 2009
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Hydraulic fracturing of horizontal wells in shale gas reservoirs is now an established commercially successful technique. The evolution of the completion technique has reached the point that numerous stimulation stages through multiple perforation clusters in wellbores, with some form of annular isolation, is now an accepted practice.

The objective is to place multiple closely spaced hydraulic fractures, and this has proven to be a viable development strategy for many shale reservoirs in North America. To further enhance the recovery factor in these ultra-low permeability reservoirs simultaneously, the hydraulic fracturing of adjacent wellbores is increasingly being tested. Most of the time this is performed in horizontal wellbores paralleling each other, and the goal is to create hydraulic fractures more closely spaced than can be achieved from a single wellbore.

When real-time microseismic monitoring of the stimulation treatments is incorporated, changes can be made when necessary to improve the effective stimulated reservoir volume. This paper reviews the methodology employed in the completion design and process in the Woodford Shale. The impact of the simultaneous stimulations and geologic structure on the fracture geometry are shown as well as the impact on well productivity.

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