Technical Paper: A Workflow for Integrated Barnett Shale Gas Reservoir Modeling and Simulation

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 122934
Presentation Date: 2009
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The Mississippian Barnett Shale reservoirs have opened a new era for US gas production. Many reservoir characterization efforts have been made and completion practices established to help understand the Barnett Shale reservoirs. The borehole image interpretation, drilling-induced fractures, and conductive/healed fractures reveal stress regime orientation as well as fracture morphology and their orientations. The interpreted results guide the design of horizontal wells to control hydraulic fracture directions and intensities.

In this paper we present an integration workflow that incorporates seismic interpretations and attributes, borehole image and log interpretations, core analysis, HFT, and microseismic data to construct reservoir models and discrete fracture networks that are then upscaled to dual-porosity reservoir models for numerical simulation.

The application of this workflow in field studies has revealed important observations and provided better understanding of the reservoirs. This integration workflow demonstrates an effective methodology for capturing the essential characteristics of Barnett Shale gas reservoirs and offers a quantitative means and platform for optimizing shale gas production.

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