Technical Paper: Multi-Property Earth Model Building Through Integration of Seismic, EM and Potential Field Data with Other G&G Data: Case Studies from Complex Exploration Areas

Society: SBGF
Paper Number: 3114
Presentation Date: 2011


As exploration for hydrocarbon resources moves to increasingly complex geological environments, the integration of multiple physical measurements is needed to build better Earth Models. Until quite recently seismic and non-seismic methods were often processed separately and then the final results combined at the interpretation stage. The different “language” used by the two communities and the lack of appropriate software hindered more sophisticated integration. Such comparative interpretations hide advantages that come from closer integration at earlier stages. The level of integration can vary from exploration projects combining different methods at the acquisition and modeling stage to advanced technologies that allow the simultaneous inversion of different datasets. The case studies in this paper show examples of integrated workflows.

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