Technical Paper: Well-constrained Anisotropic Tomography

Society: EAGE
Paper Number: U030
Presentation Date: 2009
Download: Well-Constrained Anisotropic Tomography (0.34 MB PDF)



We outline a concept of well-constrained interactive tomography and apply it to building anisotropic velocity models in depth. To reduce or eliminate non-uniqueness we supplement seismic data with the well information and we localize tomography to a near-well volume. Finally, we regularize tomography with smoothness or any reasonable a priori constraints. As a result we recover the anisotropic velocity field around the well. We present a synthetic data example of anisotropic tomography applied to a 1D VTI model when vertical velocity is constrained from a checkshot. Anisotropic tomography confidently recovers global profiles of Thomsen parameters along the entire well profile of 11 km. The accuracy of recovered parameters is equally good for either sequential or simultaneous inversion approaches. Well-constrained anisotropic tomography has multiple advantages over manual approaches and deserves a place in the portfolio of model-building tools.

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