Technical Paper: Joint Laterally Constrained Inversion of CSEM and MT Data

Society: EAGE
Paper Number: C025
Presentation Date: 2011


One-dimensional modeling of CSEM and MT data represents the initial step in an increasingly complex interpretation workflow, where lower dimensional methods are used as assessment tools to better constrain the full 3D inversion schemes. The low complexity of 1D modeling enables the geophysicist to obtain results and model scenarios in a very short time. However, the inability to account for lateral variations limits its applicability.

To overcome this limitation, while preserving the advantage of low computational complexity, a pseudo-2D technique using 1D forward modeling and lateral constraints is presented. This approach is shown to model 2D structures with a good degree of approximation, constituting a tool for quick imaging. The inversion procedure exploits spatial correlation to resolve model parameters, combining multiple measurements in a single cost function. The joint laterally constrained inversion algorithm was successfully applied on CSEM and MT datasets, both in marine and land environments, showing good consistency with 3D inversion results.

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