Technical Paper: Reconstruction of the Subsurface Reflected Wavefield on a Dense Grid from Multicomponent Streamer Data

Society: EAGE
Paper Number: B042
Presentation Date: 2012


Multichannel reconstruction and 3D deghosting techniques based on multicomponent streamer measurements of the pressure wavefield and its associated gradients were recently introduced in literature. In particular, the Generalized Matching Pursuit (GMP) technique was applied to 3D-4C synthetic data bringing significant improvements to address the aliasing arising from sparse crossline sampling.

In this abstract, we present an example of real data acquired by an experimental 3D-4C towed cable array and show the performance of GMP applied to the multicomponent measurements. The real data examples illustrate that GMP reconstructs and deghosts the pressure wavefield onto a 2D receiver grid uniformly sampled at 6.25 m in both, the inline and the crossline directions, starting from a very limited number of crossline samples at realistic spacings (i.e., 75 m). We describe the main technical challenges due to the nature of the signal and the limitations of the experiment. Despite these challenges, we show that GMP has produced a very effective reconstruction of the three-dimensional wavefield back-scattered by the subsurface for each recorded seismic shot.

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