Technical Paper: Faults and Fracture Detection based on Seismic Surface Orthogonal Decomposition

Society: EAGE
Paper Number: W041
Presentation Date: 2012


A new technology using the latent structure analysis of seismic surface data under conditions of strong noise is proposed. Since the noise has no correlation with faults or other latent features it stands out as separate orthogonal components. For the same reasons, the individual principal components will be for footprints. Another advantage of the proposed method is the possibility to separate results of different geological processes (factors) that are creating orthogonal (uncorrelated) features on the surface. The technology can be applied to unconventional resources exploration and to detection of fracture corridors in carbonates under strong noise conditions included dip water and sub salt exploration. The proposed technology can also be used to analyze the amplitudes of the seismic slices or stratigraphic slices including sets of several slices.

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