Technical Paper: Impact of Streamer Spacing on the Reconstruction Using Multimeasurement Seismic Data - Study Before and After Imaging

Society: EAGE
Paper Number: Tu-04-11
Presentation Date: 2013


Reconstruction of the seismic 3D wavefield onto a fine receiver grid within coarse spreads of marine streamers is enabled by multimeasurement streamers that measure crossline and vertical particle accelerations in addition to the pressure. In this work, we evaluate the survey design of such multimeasurement marine seismic acquisitions, addressing the important practical aspect of the streamer separation. We use matching-pursuit-based techniques and employ various combinations of multimeasurement data to reconstruct a 3D full-bandwidth seismic wavefield onto a fine receiver grid for a range of cable spacings. Our results confirm the critical role of the Y acceleration in the crossline reconstruction with antialiasing power and suggest what practicality the value of the Y acceleration could translate into, enabling either better seismic acquisition quality for a given streamer spacing, or equivalent quality from larger streamer separations when compared to reconstructions that do not use the Y acceleration.

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