Technical Paper: Integrated 3D Seismic Interpretation and Depth Imaging Reveals Carbonate and Evaporite Stratigraphy in the Kwanza Basin

Society: EAGE
Paper Number: Tu-08-13
Presentation Date: 2013


Pre-salt prospects are proven in the Kwanza basin. To further improve the imaging of the pre-salt sequences will require new acquisition designs and 3D prestack depth migration, which includes TTI anisotropy. High-end depth migration algorithms give improved pre-salt images. We observe and interpret the rift morphology that created the basin configuration for deposition of the pre-salt sequence. We see well-developed pre-salt sequences from 3D seismic analysis that gives us better insights into the tectonic evolution of the basin and an understanding of the prospectivity of the pre-salt. We have incorporated geological understanding, analysis of valid analogs, and petroleum systems modeling. This multidisciplinary approach helped us to produce a much more accurate interpretation of the pre-salt in the Kwanza basin.

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