Technical Paper: Survey Design and Modeling Framework for Towed Multimeasurement Seismic Streamer Data

Society: EAGE
Paper Number: We-04-12
Presentation Date: 2013


Survey design and modeling is the process of evaluating prior data, if any, so as to optimize the acquisition of a fresh seismic survey. For conventional marine seismic acquisition comprising pressure-only data acquisition, the process of converting geological objectives into a realizable, cost-effective survey is reasonably well understood. However, for towed marine multimeasurement seismic acquisition recording collocating pressure and acceleration measurements, the process is still being explored. This paper proposes a framework of investigation, consisting of three modular workflows to optimize the acquisition geometry and its efficiency, focusing especially on 3D deghosting and wavefield reconstruction algorithms enabled by multimeasurement seismic, without compromising on the survey objectives.

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