Technical Paper: Survey Design for High Density, High Productivity Broadband Vibroseis Point Source and Receiver Acquisition – A Case Study from the UAE Thrustbelt

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 122
Presentation Date: 2012


In this paper we describe an integrated design of the acquisition parameters for a 3D seismic survey in a difficult geological and logistical environment using an ultra-high channel point receiver recording system, productivity enhancement techniques and incorporating advanced processing tools. Advances in acquisition hardware and techniques change the way seismic surveys are designed. These advances include continuous recording, faster computers that allow running more elaborate algorithms and new methods such as surface wave methods to model and subtract aliased groundroll. These new tools require different input data and different sampling. How these advances influence the design process is illustrated using a case study for a 3D survey acquired in the 3rd quarter of 2011 located in the largely sand covered thrustbelt area of the United Arab Emirates.

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