Technical Paper: Quality Control and Bandwidth Optimization of Compact Fourier Interpolation Operators

Society: SEG
Paper Number:
Presentation Date: 2008


Compact Fourier interpolation (COMFI) is a minimum mean-square-error interpolation algorithm that interpolates irregular data to arbitrary locations. We extend the basic algorithm, which has been known for some time (Yen, 1956; Hale, 1980; Chen and Allebach, 1987), to include bandwidth-optimization. By this, we mean that the interpolation operators only attempt to interpolate wavenumbers that are supported by the local sampling density. The maximum wavenumber that can be interpolated accurately is automatically determined. This extension is particularly important for seismic data, because the sampling density is often highly space-variant.

In addition, we define quality control measures that quantify the quality of the interpolated data. These measures may be used to reject, or down-weight, poorly interpolated data, such that they do not have a degrading effect on later processes.

The following section describes the algorithm and defines the quality control measures. We then illustrate the performance of the algorithm using a supershot regularization example from a wide-azimuth survey. We conclude with a discussion.

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