Technical Paper: A Global Acoustic Impedance Inversion for Porosity and Lithology Prediction in Northern Gulf of Mexico

Society: SEG
Paper Number:
Presentation Date: 2008

Poststack seismic inversion based on a multitrace global optimization method was conducted as part of a large study that covered about 10,200 km2, consisting of 502 Outer Continental Shelf blocks, located primarily in the northern Gulf of Mexico, offshore Louisiana. Considering that seismic inversion was carried out over such a huge area with a long time window (7 s two-way time), lateral and vertical variation of the seismic data were the main concerns. Seismic data conditioning to provide consistent, zero-phase wavelets over the whole volume was done iteratively with wavelet extraction and analysis at well locations. The vertical variability of wavelets due to frequency attenuation and amplitude decays with depth were also incorporated in the inversion process. The principle objective of the seismic inversion was to transform seismic reflection data into quantitative petrophysical properties.

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