Technical Paper: Vertical and Horizontal Resolution Considerations for a Joint 3D CSEM and MT Inversion

Society: SEG
Paper Number:
Presentation Date: 2009

To further explore the potential data content and inherent limitations of a detailed 3D Controlled Source ElectroMagnetic and MagnetoTelluric (CSEM+MT) dataset acquired over a known target, a constrained 3D CSEM and MT joint inversion (see Mackie, Watts and Rodi 2007) of these data is compared in detail with the known reservoir structure as derived from multiple well log and seismic data describing the physical properties (reservoir location and geometry etc.) of this hydrocarbon reservoir.

At the first order, individual channels and reservoir levels can be distinguished in the inverted electromagnetic (EM) data yielding a qualitative description of the stacked structure. Secondly, a more detailed and quantitative examination of the differences between the datasets reveals the measurement limitations and acquisition consequences (operational obstacles for the CSEM acquisition) of each of the datasets such as the resolution limits and inversion ambiguity of the EM data compared with the seismic and well logs. The goal of this paper is to better understand the reasons for the similarities and differences between these datasets in both the vertical and horizontal sense.

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