Technical Paper: Can We Distinguish TTI and VTI Media?

Society: SEG
Paper Number:
Presentation Date: 2009
Download: Can we distinguish TTI and VTI media? (0.18 MB PDF)


Modern depth imaging requires the ability to build transversely isotropic models of the subsurface. Vertical transverse isotropy (VTI) assumes that the symmetry axis is vertical, whereas the more general case of tilted transverse isotropy (TTI) may have a symmetry axis away from vertical. While VTI is a simpler representation, TTI may be more geologically plausible for sedimentary formations such as shales. We examine a simple TTI model and demonstrate that even in the presence of additional well information such as a checkshot, obtaining a symmetry axis orientation from data alone may be ambiguous. Therefore additional geological information from wells, basin evolution and geomechanics may be required.

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