Technical Paper: Advances in Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetic: The Santos Basin Project - Brazil

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 2009-845-849
Presentation Date: 2009

The Santos Basin marine Controlled Source Electromagnetic (mCSEM) data were acquired as part of a co-operation project between Petrobras and Schlumbergerto evaluate the integration of deep reading Electromagnetic (EM) technologies into the full cycle of oil field exploration and development.

The main objectives of the survey were to calibrate mCSEM over known reservoirs, quantify the anomalies associated with those reservoirs with the expectation that new prospective location(s) could be found. Data interpretation was carried out integrating well-log resistivities and model geometries derived from seismic using advanced multi-dimensional fully anisotropic modeling and inversion technology. We show that the mCSEM response of the known reservoirs yields signatures that can be imaged and accurately quantified. A further initiative was to advance the state of the art in integrated interpretation and establish guidelines toward the development of an industry standard workflow unavailable at present.

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