Technical Paper: A Wide-azimuth TTI Model-building and Imaging Case Study from the Central Gulf of Mexico

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 1007
Presentation Date: 2011


Recent advances in marine seismic acquisition, e.g., wide and full azimuth, are providing data sets in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico that were uneconomical a decade ago. Seismic processing techniques and technologies are rapidly developing to keep pace with the advances in acquisition. A recent trend in the Gulf of Mexico is to build and image complex salt areas with tilted transverse isotropy (TTI) velocity models and imaging algorithms capable of handling extreme velocity complexity. This paper summarizes the results from a TTI model building and complex imaging project in the central Green Canyon area. Imaging improvements and velocity field convergence (as demonstrated by well ties) were achieved with the TTI workflow. This case study also shows the benefits from using multiple, fit-for-purpose imaging algorithms through the model building process.

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