Technical Paper: On the Separation of Simultaneous-Source Data by Inversion

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 1042
Presentation Date: 2011


Simultaneous-source data can be adequately separated using an inversion formulation. To recover component shot records, we formulate the data-separation as a simultaneous Radon inversion problem. By minimizing the resulting objective function with a robust hybrid solver, we obtain high-quality estimates of the component shot records. Furthermore, regularization with directional Laplacians improves the data quality.

In our approach, we estimate a single model that predicts all recorded data, and we treat all components of the recorded data as signal. Our method can be applied to any number of sources within a single survey and can be easily extended to multiple (time-lapse) surveys. Using 2D sections the SEAM model and simultaneous-source data from a 2D land data set, we show that our method can give results of quality comparable to the reference independent shot records.

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