Technical Paper: Sub-Basalt Imaging with Broadband Magnetotellurics in NW Saudi Arabia

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 495
Presentation Date: 2011


A magnetotelluric (MT) survey together with ancillary gravity and Time-Domain EM (TDEM) data acquisition was carried out in a region in NW Saudi Arabia characterized by shallow basaltic layers. The extensive volcanic activity occurred in multiple phases during the late Devonian, Cretaceous and Neogene. A potentially prospective graben structure in the area is partially covered by basalts which severely degrade the quality of the seismic data. The MT inversion results and the interpretation of the multi-geophysics dataset reveal important structural elements such as deep-seated faults controlling the graben evolution and allow characterization of the complex basalt cover. Integration of the different geophysical datasets is ongoing via simultaneous joint inversion, followed by reprocessing of the seismic data.

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