Technical Paper: Anisotropic Model Building in Complex Media: Comparing Three Successful Strategies in Deep Water Gulf of Mexico

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 662
Presentation Date: 2011


Following the introduction of wide-azimuth towedstreamer data as an exploration imaging prerequisite in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico in 2006, anisotropic imaging with vertical or tilted transversely isotropic (VTI or TTI) models has become the dominant practice in the industry. Today, it is widely recognized that incorporating anisotropy in imaging increases our ability both to focus the seismic data and to accurately position the reflectors for drilling decisions.

We show three successful anisotropic model building strategies applied on wide-azimuth (WAZ) data from the Walker Ridge and Green Canyon areas of the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. We demonstrate the benefits of incorporating geology information and data from boreholes into all stages of velocity model building.

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