Technical Paper: Marine Full-Azimuth Field Trial at Heidrun Revisited

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 770
Presentation Date: 2011


In 2008, a marine field trial with a coil shooting design was acquired at Heidrun. In the preliminary processing of the data, some noise filters were used that assume straight line geometries and thus do not take the 3D nature of the data properly into account. Moreover, due to sparseness of data outside the 7 km2 target area, a limited migration aperture was used. As a result, the lateral resolution of the data is less good than in the conventional streamer data, causing loss of some details of the geological structure.

To overcome the challenges with the lateral resolution, the research project was recently continued with a reprocessing of the coil survey data. In reprocessing, less aggressive noise filters were used, and data from a conventional narrow azimuth survey were tied in to fill holes at the edges of the survey area. This yields a better multiple model and allows for a larger migration aperture. The resulting images are less smeared, fault planes are clearer, and fault blocks well defined. In particular, the coil survey may give additional information to define fault planes and rotated fault blocks in the shallow part of the reservoir.

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