Technical Paper: Effective Seismic Interference Elimination Enabled by Multi-Component Data from Marine

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 2012-1185
Presentation Date: 2012


We present a fast and effective method to detect and eliminate seismic interference from 3D marine data measured by four-component (4C) streamers. The interference elimination method we propose acts on each shot record independently from the others, relying on the pressure wavefield being reconstructed (and simultaneously deghosted) on a 2D grid, densely sampled in both the inline and the crossline directions. Such reconstruction is enabled by matching-pursuit-based signal processing techniques proposed recently in the literature that have the capability to explicit the information in the multicomponent measurements. Without these measurements, the reconstruction capability is seriously compromised by the strong crossline aliasing.

We show that the interference can be easily isolated and removed from the data, with a high degree of signal preservation, after the data are reconstructed on a dense grid of receivers. When supported by vector based seismic interference detection, this technique has the potential of being automated and applied directly during the acquisition timeframe.

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