Technical Paper: Multicomponent (4C) Towed-Streamer Design for High Signal Fidelity Recording

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 2012-1211
Presentation Date: 2012


A multicomponent (4C) towed-streamer that measures not only scalar pressure wavefields, but also the three components of P-wave particle motion, was proposed by Robertsson et al. (2008). These new measurements may be used to perform joint interpolation and deghosting of the pressure wavefield, and open the possibility to reconstruct the seismic wavefield at any point between streamers using both pressure and the crossline component of the pressure gradient.

To be able to put these proposed applications in practice, good fidelity of the 4C measurement is needed. We study the effects of the streamer mechanical design on the signal fidelity, review the sensor requirements, and present data examples from a 4C multicomponent streamer, demonstrating the possibility to record high signal fidelity in such a 4C multicomponent towed streamer.

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