Technical Paper: Multivessel Coil Shooting Acquisition with Simultaneous Sources

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 2012-1526
Presentation Date: 2012


Multivessel coil shooting is a towed-streamer acquisition method that provides full-azimuth, long-offsets seismic data, and has been used in the Gulf of Mexico for subsalt exploration since 2010. A typical configuration consists of two streamer vessels and two source vessels, each vessel deploying a single source array. In this paper we propose a new design for multivessel coil shooting acquisition that is based on eight source arrays and simultaneous shooting. To prove that this design is geophysically feasible, we performed seismic simulation with 3D finite-difference acoustic modeling and depth imaging using reverse time migration (RTM). Based on the results of this simulation, a field experiment was proposed. A new method for active source separation was introduced and tested on synthetic and real data.

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