Technical Paper: Structural Mapping With Spectral Attributes

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 2012-435
Presentation Date: 2012


Information may be extracted from seismic data cubes using attributes that represent specific characteristics of the data contained in the cube. Examples of typical attributes are dominant frequency, RMS amplitude, and spatial variance. The description of complex geological features usually requires information from multiple attributes. One possibility for simultaneous attribute analysis is attribute triplets in continuous-color representation as red, green, blue (RGB) or hue saturation value (HSV). We describe a method to sharpen the continuous-color representation of multiple attributes with the goal of providing structural lineaments for geological interpretation. We represent three different attributes in RGB and extract the structural, which is contained in the boundaries of the colors in the RGB image.

The primary results are cubes containing structural lineaments on the one hand and the structure-sharpened sharpened RGB images on the other hand. The technique may also be applied to combinations of more than three attributes.

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