Technical Paper: Baseline Processing of a Dual-Well 3D VSP - A Case Study From Monitoring Steam-Assisted

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 2012-447
Presentation Date: 2012


After installing permanent 3C geophones in two vertical observation wells for reservoir monitoring, a dual-well 3D Vertical Seismic Profile baseline survey was acquired as a foundation for observation of future production effects from steam-assisted gravity drainage. Data processing was challenged by turning waves arriving as first arrivals and migrating this unusual 3D Vertical Seismic Profile geometry setup. After understanding and overcoming these challenges, the data provided a high-resolution image around and between the two observation wells and an updated subsurface model in terms of velocity and anisotropy parameters. The 3D Vertical Seismic Profile image shows a higher resolution compared to the surface seismic data, allowing a more detailed interpretation of the subsurface. Additionally, the data show that the imaged area will cover the expected production effects of four steam-assisted gravity drainage injector/producer wells in the vicinity of the two observation wells which will be investigated by future time-lapse acquisitions.

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