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Join Schlumberger experts in business, geophysics, and technology for a series of focused 30-minute webinars for geoscientists, technical leaders, and managers. Topics range from oil economics to seismic data acquisition and processing through fully integrated subsurface evaluation.

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Caroline Martinez Webinar

All the Right Tools: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Subsurface E&P Success

In the Barents Sea, accurately imaging flanks and the bottom of the salt is a challenge. This webinar highlights how a range of multidisciplinary information and data sources can help you optimize illumination of complex structures, better assess prospectivity, and more accurately detect potentially hydrocarbon-bearing geological units.

Caroline Martinez, Geophysical Technical Lead

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Webinar: The Role of Surface Seismic

The Role of Surface Seismic:
Water Avoidance, Landing, and Sweet-Spotting, Solutions for the Permian Basin

In the Permian Basin, well performance was negatively impacted because of landing 200 ft or more too low, fracking into poor reservoirs, producing excessive water associated with faulting either above or below target stratigraphic levels, or a combination thereof. In this talk, we demonstrate how seismic data helped mitigate risk and ensure economic success for wells in the region.

David Paddock, Scientific Advisor

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Improving Subsalt Images Using Advanced Image Enhancement Techniques

Despite significant advances in imaging technology and processing, subsalt image interpretability remains a major challenge. Join this webinar to learn about recent technologies developed by WesternGeco that markedly improve subsalt images by boosting the desired signal and suppressing unwanted noise: IGIE interpretation-guided image enhancement, converted wave attenuation (CWA), shot selection migration, and interpretation-guided selective stacking (IGSS).

Mohamed Hegazy, Area Geophysicist

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Addressing 3D Seismic Illumination Challenges: Improved Imaging and Quantitative Interpretation

Inadequate subsurface illumination resulting from complex geology or the limitations of the acquisition geometry has detrimental effects on the amplitude and phase of the migrated image and in turn on both the structural and quantitative interpretation. Join this webinar to learn how least-squares migration implemented in the image domain and depth domain inversion efficiently mitigate illumination effects, as demonstrated with synthetic and field data examples.

Laurence Pascaline Letki, Senior Area Geophysicist

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Technology's Role in Exploring New Frontiers in Mature Basins

Over the past 10 years, exploration spend soared to record levels while discovered volumes have been on a steady decline. Technology plays a vital role in identifying good opportunities, delimiting exploration risk, and reducing time to first oil. Join this webinar to learn how early understanding of subsurface challenges can lead to time and cost savings throughout the project life cycle.

Mohamed El-Toukhy, Manager, Western Hemisphere Multiclient Exploration Services

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Reducing Environmental Footprint with a Sustainable and Flexible Source Solution

Join this webinar to learn about the world’s first marine impulsive source designed to reduce the environmental footprint of seismic acquisition. The eSource bandwidth-controlled seismic source technology combines WesternGeco’s expertise in acoustics with Teledyne Bolt’s experience in manufacturing, creating a sustainable and flexible source solution.

Mehul Supawala, Marine Energy Sources Product Champion

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Innovative Techniques for Marine Towed Streamer Seismic Acquisition

Join this webinar to learn more about the key techniques and technologies that have contributed to marine towed streamer seismic acquisition in the past and present. Also learn about new innovations that will enable high-quality, cost-efficient acquisition with quicker turnaround and reduced operational and environmental exposure.

Tim Brice, WesternGeco Technical Sales Manager

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Combining Multiple Datasets: Maximizing Return on Acquisition Investment

Integrating seismic and nonseismic methods requires the extraction of information from multiple measurements and a multidisciplinary team to interpret the data. Join this webinar to learn how workflows leveraging the powerful Petrel E&P software platform and Omega geophysical data processing platform facilitate integrating complementary electromagnetic and potential field data with seismic data to lessen risk and increase confidence.

Andrea Lovatini, Manager, Center of Excellence for Integrated Electromagnetics

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The UniQ Land Seismic Acquisition Platform: A Decade of Integrating Acquisition and Processing

Insights from over a decade of densely sampled onshore data and wavefield propagation have led to more reliable seismic images and new answer products that achieve marine seismic quality. The case studies will include high-productivity vibroseis, coherent noise attenuation, and handling azimuthal anisotropy.

Peter van Baaren, UniQ System Sales Geophysics Manager

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Innovation and Technology in Hydrocarbon Exploration

Hydrocarbon exploration is high risk, high reward. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how innovation and technology are leading to advanced, integrated seismic solutions for economically recoverable hydrocarbons.

Malcolm Francis, PhD, Schlumberger Advisor and Exploration Services Manager

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Detailed Velocity Model Building with Full-Waveform Inversion

Accurate subsurface imaging relies on the right combination of velocity model, migration algorithm, and input data. Significant seismic progress in providing illumination and reliable data in the most complex geological settings demands using full-waveform inversion and earth model building techniques to account for the geologic complexity.

Denes Vigh, Manager, Full-Waveform Inversion Center of Excellence

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