Geothermal Due Diligence

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Achieving financial closure

Since participating in the first-ever non-recourse geothermal financing deal for a project in southern California in 1983, GeothermEx (a Schlumberger company) has provided insight into the capacity and challenges of geothermal resource development and operations worldwide. We face the challenges posed by complicated project structures, the specific needs of multiple investors and the differing expectations of developers and lenders. This enables deals to be closed and projects to be developed, bringing more geothermal power to the grid.

The results are clear—GeothermEx due diligence services have enabled the development of 7,000 MW of geothermal power and the financing of nearly US$ 12 billion – 70% of the worldwide installed geothermal capacity to date. Part of Schlumberger since 2010, GeothermEx continues to serve the financial community by leveraging both its experience and its unique position in the global geothermal industry.

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