Geothermal Products and Services

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Optimal performance in geothermal operations

Geothermal developers face extraordinary challenges in drilling, logging, stimulation, and resource management. With a wide selection of service and technology offerings for high-temperature environments, Schlumberger delivers fit-for-purpose, field-proven services and products for geothermal projects. Our experts prepare for hostile conditions using proven risk assessment and mitigation processes and execute the job using real-time feedback to optimize results.

Research investment and experience lead to excellence

Schlumberger has long been the industry investment leader in research and development. Our comprehensive range of services and technologies increases the efficiency and production of your geothermal wells, enabling cost-effective geothermal development.

Drill Bits

Proven increased performance and on-bottom time.

Drilling Fluids

Engineered for demanding drilling conditions.


High temperature products and services.

Directional Drilling

Reach your target reliably and accurately.

Mud Logging

Complete flowline analysis and identification of penetrated lithologies.

Well Logging

High-temperature reservoir characterization services from the industry leader.

Core analysis

Petrophysical and petrological analyses by Schlumberger TerraTek.

Coiled Tubing Services

Well remediation and scale inhibition implementation.

Submersible Pumps

High-temperature, long-life pumping solutions.

Stimulation Services

Fracturing and geothermal acidizing.

Geophysical Surveys

Potential field and seismic methods specialized for geothermal application.

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