Geothermal Technical Consulting

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Integrated strategies that maximize resource potential

Schlumberger has explored, drilled, evaluated and monitored hundreds of geothermal fields in more than 50 countries. From individual technical services to management and execution of entire exploration, development, and production programs, Schlumberger offers mission-critical expertise, experience, and capability. Our comprehensive services ensure the successful development of your geothermal power project.

Geothermal Exploration

Geothermal Drilling

Leverage practical experience and advanced technology for successful geothermal drilling, from early exploration to resource confirmation, development, and production.

Geothermal Resource Evaluation

Predict resource potential, and identify and mitigate project risk.

Geothermal Reservoir Modeling and Simulation

Geothermal Project Optimization and Expansion

Enhanced Geothermal Systems

Move beyond R&D to the implementation of practical techniques for permeability enhancement and resource utilization.

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