Geothermal Drilling

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Expert services for the harshest environments

The combination of global presence, advanced technologies and services developed specifically for the geothermal market, and the extensive geothermal drilling experience of GeothermEx makes Schlumberger an industry leader in geothermal drilling. Expert services are available for every stage of drilling, even in the most challenging geothermal environments with high temperature, salinity, mineral content, gas content, and acidity. Drilling issues are rapidly identified and resolved, improving efficiency and increasing project value.

Integrated management for drilling campaigns

  • Integrated services for every well from spud to TD
  • Optimized procurement of services and products
  • On-time execution

Drilling optimization

  • Accurate interpretation of exploration and operational data to make informed drilling decisions
  • Application of proven Schlumberger drilling technologies to improve drilling efficiency, including
    • directional drilling in high-temperature environments
    • drilling fluids that keep the hole clean without damaging fine fractures
    • bits that operate efficiently at high temperatures in hard rock
    • specially formulated cements for geothermal wells

Drilling support services

  • For temperature gradient drilling holes, core drilling, slim test holes, and production-diameter wells
  • Well designs, drilling programs, rig specification, and drilling bid support
  • Wellsite geology and mud logging
  • On-site supervision, drilling engineering, trouble-shooting, and budget management

Drilling services and materials

  • Drill bits
  • Drilling fluids
  • Directional drilling
  • Mud logging
  • Multilegged completions
  • Cementing

Resource evaluation services

  • Petrologic analysis and core testing
  • Targeted well logging programs, log evaluation, and data interpretation
  • Well testing design, implementation, and evaluation
  • Production pump specification and installation

Well remediation services

  • Workovers and re-completions
  • Chemical and hydraulic stimulation
  • Coiled tubing work
  • Well decommissioning

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