Geothermal Exploration

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Effective program design and management

Schlumberger offers integrated services that include all activities from reconnaissance through to drilling and testing of discovery and confirmation wells. These specialized technologies delivered by experienced engineers produce highly successful geothermal exploration programs.

Geothermal exploration

  • Expert resource analysis and exploration program design
  • Exploration program execution
  • Integrated management for exploratory drilling campaigns
  • Fieldwork for data collection and quality control
  • Analysis and presentation of exploration results
  • Resource ranking and prioritization

Geology—map and interpret the site 

  • Geological mapping and structural interpretation
  • Mud logging services and wellsite geology
  • Integrated analysis of subsurface conditions and development of 3D geological models

Geochemistry—apply a fundamentally important tool

  • Fluid and gas sampling and chemical geothermometry
  • Geochemical mixing models and analysis of fluid flow patterns
  • Environmental and operational issues (gases, scaling, and corrosion)

Geophysics—deepen your understanding

  • Potential field methods (magnetotelluric resistivity, gravity, and magnetic surveys) for improved understanding of structural controls on fluid flow
  • Seismic reflection surveys and passive seismic monitoring
  • Temperature gradient drilling for direct measurement of the temperature field

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