Integrated Oilfield Projects

Streamlining oil and gas well operations and projects

Schlumberger has all the technologies, processes, and project management expertise necessary for E&P well construction, from exploration through abandonment. Operators may benefit from Schlumberger simply project managing the coordination of its services and products present for a single- or multiple-rig project. It is not unusual for a number of Schlumberger business lines to be present at an operation, and there are benefits to operators from a high degree of coordination and project management of their scope.

This basic service coordination can extend to Schlumberger taking overall responsibility for well construction, including all third parties, with a business model aligned with the operator's project goals. These projects are often referred to as IPM projects. Well abandonment—both on land and offshore (from single-well to multiwell platforms)—is another area where an integrated approach can significantly improve results.

We have more than 20 years of experience in delivering integrated projects, from basic service coordination through to complete development and abandonment of fields.

Integrated Services Management

Integrated Services Management (ISM) improves the operational efficiency of projects by managing and coordinating Schlumberger and third-party services and products.

Integrated Drilling Services

Services range from an integrated offering encompassing industry-leading drilling technologies, well design, drilling operations, and remote support to the entire scope of well construction, including well planning and drilling, provision of rigs and rig management, logistics, procurement, and all necessary third parties.

Integrated Well Abandonment

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Integrated end-to-end well abandonment solutions

Integrated Well Abandonment Solutions
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Better Well Abandonment is Integrated

Integrated Well Abandonment (IWA)
Our integrated well abandonment approach efficiently brings isolation effectiveness to your well by following a rigorous workflow that covers everything from well appraisal to confirmation of barrier integrity.
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