Integrated Drilling Services

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The industry’s most comprehensive drilling technologies portfolio

Integrated Drilling Services (IDS) works with you to deliver safe and compliant wells in any drilling environment by offering integrated drilling technologies, well design, remote real-time support, and the entire scope of well construction. With access to our complete line of fit-for-purpose Schlumberger products and services:

  • reduce NPT
  • increase footage per day and drilling efficiency
  • maintain wellbore integrity and access
  • increase reservoir contact
  • improve formation evaluation.

Further support comes from the global Schlumberger network of petrotechnical experts who assist in subsurface modeling and analysis to minimize drilling risks.

Project management integration

IDS brings together the entire scope of well construction with proactive project management to minimize risks in all phases of the project, from startup to closure. To accelerate well construction, we leverage our internal synergies to efficiently coordinate service delivery and integrate performance-enhancing tools.

We manage all aspects of well engineering, design, planning, logistics, onsite supervision, and drilling-rig and third-party management to deliver the required workscope on time and in budget.

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