Integrated Services Management

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Simplify operations with integration

As exploration and development activity move into ever more technically challenging environments, including onshore, offshore, and remote deepwater regions, the geology and logistics involved become increasingly complex for operators, drilling contractors, and service companies. To simplify operations between all parties involved, Integrated Services Management (ISM) streamlines product and service delivery across the project with a tailored solution. This, in turn, increases efficiency, reduces NPT, and lowers cost.

Improve processes with comprehensive project management

Each ISM project is led by an Integrated Services Project Manager (ISPM), who directs the Schlumberger project team and coordinates services to ensure efficient execution of technical and operational objectives, including

  • planning, risk analysis, and logistics
  • third-party management
  • infrastructure and local resources
  • adherence to regulatory requirements
  • technology integration
  • knowledge management.

As the single point of contact, the ISPM manages all these activities with constant collaboration between the operator, Schlumberger product lines and services, and third-party entities—creating one team—which is critical to the success of the operation. This simplified, one-team approach eases communication so the operation runs efficiently.

Achieve timely project delivery, regardless of environment

ISM services are being increasingly employed with success in offshore and remote deepwater operations, where the impact of NPT is considerable because of the high-cost operating environment. In these situations, the timely delivery of services and products can mean the difference between failure and achieving project goals across planning, integration, and execution phases to maximize production.

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