Integrated Well Abandonment

Increased confidence in well abandonment

The Schlumberger Integrated Well Abandonment (IWA) service offers an integrated approach to well abandonment—from single-well to multiwell platforms. The IWA service uses the extensive range of Schlumberger technologies and integrates third-party services where appropriate.

Integrated project management

Built on years of integrated project management experience, the IWA service encompasses a full scope of well abandonment activities, from engineering and well abandonment design to complete program execution, including removal of conductor pipe.

Schlumberger and Seajacks Provide One Stop for Intervention and Abandonment

Schlumberger and Seajacks have partnered to deliver fully integrated, vessel-based well abandonment, bringing fit-for-purpose intervention and abandonment service to your platform. Contact us to discuss intervention and abandonment in the Southern North Sea.

Wellhead recovery by Cameron

Efficiency, safety, and the environment are considered throughout the well intervention process. Cameron equipment includes hydraulic lubricators for use in installing backpressure valves prior to removing the wellhead, running the tubing hanger, and performing BOP tests.

Equipment is removed from the well and taken to a Cameron facility where it is disassembled, inspected, and repaired if needed, according to three levels of repair. It is subsequently transported to another Cameron facility where it is housed as customer property to be redeployed to another field.

Implementing the process of dismantling the well, our crew of skilled technicians help to reduce uncertainty and is mindful of the need for compliance with local regulations. Performance is based on skills learned and tested through a Service Competency Management System.

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Integrated end-to-end well abandonment solutions

Integrated Well Abandonment Solutions
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Better Well Abandonment is Integrated

Integrated Well Abandonment (IWA)
Our integrated well abandonment approach efficiently brings isolation effectiveness to your well by following a rigorous workflow that covers everything from well appraisal to confirmation of barrier integrity.
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Subsea Well Intervention

Subsea Service Alliance

The Subsea Services Alliance was formed by Helix, OneSubsea, and Schlumberger to develop technologies and deliver equipment and services to optimize the value chain of subsea well intervention systems. 
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