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Liquid Robotics Oil and Gas, previously a joint venture between Liquid Robotics and Schlumberger, became wholly owned by Schlumberger on August 29, 2016, and has been renamed Schlumberger Robotics Services.

The latest solutions for the latest challenges

To succeed in today’s market, oil and gas operators must not only have accurate measurements on which to base their decisions, but they need to obtain this information in the most cost-effective way. Schlumberger Robotics Services empowers them to do both.

Providing greater access in difficult areas

The use of robotics, automation, autonomous vehicles, and remote monitoring is revolutionizing industries worldwide. Schlumberger Robotics Services provides this technological advantage to our customers with an expanding suite of unmanned and remotely operated deployment solutions.

Our customers now have the ability to collect data in previously hard-to-access areas, such as around crowded infrastructure, in shallow water, or in remote or environmentally sensitive areas. Some of our solutions are completely autonomous, running for years entirely on wave power, solar energy, and other forms of environmentally friendly energy.

Lowering costs through automation

Equally appealing, this technology significantly lowers costs by reducing the personnel and equipment necessary to operate in remote locations. Our approach also eliminates the expense and risk associated with traditional ship-based data collection solutions. Operations that were once cost prohibitive are now economically feasible.

Advantages of robotic solutions are numerous:

  • Cost-effective operations and access to data
  • Reduced HSE exposure and footprint
  • Less downtime due to poor weather conditions
  • Increased access to restricted, remote, or frontier areas
  • Respect and protection of environmentally sensitive areas such ascoral reefs

Making the impossible possible

A leader in measurement and analysis, Schlumberger is continually advancing its expertise-backed service capabilities to help our customers succeed. Our robotic-assisted operations provide our oil and gas customers with a range of data-rich measurements—cost-effective solutions for challenging environments and circumstances.

SEEP—Hydrocarbon detection and mapping

MAGLocalized real-time geomagnetic surveys in marine environments

SEISMIC—Marine seismic acquisition for obstruction undershoots, long-offset surveys, or in areas with shallow water, irregular or environmentally sensitive seabed zones, or nearshore environments

METOC—Meteorological and oceanographic monitoring 

PAM—Passive acoustic monitoring of sea mammals and anthropogenic noise  

TURBIDITY—Real-time measurements of particulates suspended in the water column

GATEWAY—Subsea communications via acoustic modem technology 

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Proven Operational Capability

Autonomous seismic acquisition
Total projects to date: 42
Total seismic projects: 8
Total days at sea: 4,004
Total customers: 20
Repeat customers: 9

Feb. 6-8: Underwater Intervention

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