SEEP Autonomous Marine Hydrocarbon Detection

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Schlumberger Robotics Services provides remotely piloted hydrocarbon detection at the water surface. Using completely autonomous and renewably powered solutions, we can determine the concentration of residual hydrocarbons and whether it results from a naturally occurring seep or from nearby well operations.

This vital information can be accessed in near real time from our customer web portal, enabling you to quickly evaluate environmental impact and implement the appropriate response.

Integrating a series of different fluorometers, our unmanned surface technology provides measurements to distinguish different parts of the hydrocarbon chain, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and a broad band of dissolved crude and fine oil components, in addition to turbidity and chlorophyll a.

SEEP services

  • Background environmental monitoring of lease blocks and pipelines
  • Baseline natural seepage mapping
  • In situ hydrocarbon detection
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Oil spill monitoring
  • Subsea pipeline leak detection
  • Coastal pollution monitoring for colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM)
  • Validation of data acquired from satellite imaging techniques

We can accommodate customized sensor integration and additional applications. Contact your Schlumberger Robotics Services sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

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SEEP Services for Hydrocarbon Detection

SEEP Services for Hydrocarbon Detection
Dual fluorometers deployed on unmanned surface vehicles detect the presence—or confirm the absence—of crude and refined hydrocarbons at or near the water surface. Download product sheet (0.17 MB PDF)