MAG Autonomous Geomagnetic Measurements for Accurate Well Placement

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Accurate crustal magnetic surveys reduce the uncertainty in wellbore positioning and enable tighter quality control of measurement-while-drilling (MWD) operations. However, many offshore fields are far from land-based magnetic observatories, which makes the removal of the daily disturbance field challenging. This is especially true in places such as the Arctic, where magnetic disturbances are common.

With autonomous geomagnetic surveying technology, Schlumberger Robotics Services offers a cost-effective solution for marine environments. Unmanned surface vehicles can generate maps continuously and in all weather conditions with no refueling requirements. Customers monitor the survey progress via a secure web-based portal. By producing highly accurate localized anomaly maps, MAG services reduces risk and improves the likelihood of drilling success.

MAG services

  • Aid to accurate wellbore positioning
  • Mature field development
  • Relief well drilling
  • High-resolution total magnetic field intensity
  • Mapping localized magnetic anomalies
  • Monitoring daily disturbance fields

We can accommodate customized sensor integration and additional applications. Contact your Schlumberger Robotics Services sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

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MAG Services for Improved Wellbore Positioning Accuracy

MAG Services for Improved Wellbore Positioning Accuracy
A pair of magnetometers towed by autonomous offshore vehicles efficiently acquires local geomagnetic data to support positioning accuracy while reducing operating costs and risk. Download product sheet (0.10 MB PDF)