SEISMIC Autonomous Marine Seismic Acquisition in Challenging Areas

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While crucial for offshore exploration, seismic data acquisition can be a challenge. Weather, lack of access, crowded infrastructure, and other factors come with risks and higher costs. Schlumberger Robotics Services provides an autonomous platform to simplify numerous marine acquisition applications where conventional surveys do not perform well.

With safer, uninterrupted operation, our unmanned solutions can provide crucial seismic imaging for environmentally sensitive areas where ocean-bottom seismic receivers are not advisable or allowed. Other applications include obstruction undershooting and infilling, long-offset surveys, and in areas with shallow water or irregular seabed zones.

SEISMIC services

  • Performing undershoot surveys
  • Enabling access to long or ultra-long offset data
  • Conducting seismic surveys in shallow water or in areas of irregular seabed zones
  • Surveying in environmentally sensitive areas, e.g. coral reefs
  • Simultaneous surface seismic acquisition during a vertical seismic profile (VSP) survey for enhanced subsurface imaging
  • Survey support
  • Enhanced imaging

We can also accommodate customized sensor integration and novel acquisition geometries involving any combination of stationary or moving receiver arrays. Contact your Schlumberger Robotics Services sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

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SEISMIC Services for Autonomous Acquisition Around Structures and In Sensitive Areas

Our fleet of unmanned surface vehicles employing multiple hydrophones serves as pilotable mobile surface nodes, enabling seismic acquisition where conventional surveys are constrained. Download product sheet (0.11 MB PDF)