PAM Passive Acoustic Monitoring for Sea Mammal Detection

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With passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) from Schlumberger Robotics Services, you can monitor sea mammal vocalization in real time across a broad frequency spectrum. A completely autonomous, HSE-friendly solution, PAM is much more cost effective than traditional methods and runs remotely 24/7 for months at a time. Using remote piloting capabilities, operators can easily adjust the routes of our unmanned surface fleet as necessary.

Our technology provides maximum coverage of large areas, silently detecting the number of cetacean vocalizations without interfering with group interactions or migrations. Recorded data can be analyzed post mission and can distinguish between harbor porpoises, bottlenose dolphins, dolphins, sperm whales, baleen whales, beluga whales, and anthropogenic noise.

PAM services

  • Sea mammal monitoring
  • Anthropogenic noise surveys
  • Baseline acoustic cetacean monitoring over large areas
  • Marine mammal monitoring before and after seismic surveys
  • Track-detected vocalization and migration analyses

We can accommodate customized sensor integration and additional applications. Contact your Schlumberger Robotics Services sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

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PAM Services for Monitoring Sea Mammal Vocalizations

PAM Services for Monitoring Sea Mammal Vocalizations
Reduce environmental risks with real-time passive acoustic monitoring efficiently deployed on autonomous  unmanned surface vehicles. Download product sheet (0.11 MB PDF)