TURBIDITY Autonomous Turbidity Measurements to Reduce Cost and Risk

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With autonomous marine technology, Schlumberger Robotics Services gives operators the ability to continuously monitor for particle suspensions in the water. Safer and more cost effective than moored buoys and shipborne alternatives, this solution is useful in determining turbidity and water conditions in sensitive environmental areas, such as coral reefs. Real-time data can be sent to the customer’s desktop for analysis and interpretation.

Our solutions can be adapted to project needs and include antifouling countermeasures and evaluation of backscatter, transmissivity, and particle size.

TURBIDITY services

  • Evaluation of the impact of any turbidity-generating activities
  • Time-lapse techniques for environmental compliance during dredging surveys
  • Suspended sediment monitoring during dredging operations
  • Assessment of environmental performance standards
  • Realized area of influence characterization, definition, and report
  • Evaluation of nearshore currents, waves, and bathymetry
  • Environmental baseline for water clarity
  • Data capture for environmental impact assessment reports

We can accommodate customized sensor integration and additional applications. Contact your Schlumberger Robotics Services sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

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Efficiently Confirming Environmental Compliance

Efficiently Confirming Environmental Compliance
Extensive real-time turbidity measurements obtained by instrumented USVs document the water condition during dredging operations at reduced cost and risk compared with conventional monitoring methods. Read case study