GATEWAY Autonomous, Acoustic Data Transmission for Offshore Data Recovery

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To enhance your offshore operations with continuous monitoring and near-real-time data delivery, Schlumberger Robotics Services provides instrumented unmanned surface vehicles for communicating valuable information from a variety of subsea-mounted acoustic transducers to the sea surface. This data is then securely stored and transmitted from the vehicle to the customer via satellite.

Our technology is rugged, remotely piloted, and runs on 100% renewable power. Information is efficiently and reliably transmitted, enabling operators to make informed critical decisions quickly while minimizing costs and HSE risk.

GATEWAY services

  • Downhole pressure and temperature data retrieval
  • Short- and long-term plug and abandonment (P&A) monitoring
  • Collection of corrosion and erosion data
  • Acquisition of subsidence or seabed monitoring data
  • Bespoke data-harvesting missions
  • Pipeline inspection and monitoring
  • Decommissioning, riser, and mooring monitoring
  • Wireless monitoring of subsea production trees

We can accommodate customized sensor integration and additional applications. Contact your Schlumberger Robotics Services sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

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Unmanned Surface Vehicles Harvest Data on Demand

Unmanned Surface Vehicles Harvest Data on Demand
Autonomously piloted vehicles transit between wellhead locations to efficiently access and transmit important information from subsea acoustic data loggers. Read case study