Fiber-Optic Software

Novel, powerful software applications that further increase efficiency

Schlumberger understands that data visualization is the empowerment of the plant. Novel, innovative, and powerful data handling can be configured as a local, plantwide, or cloud-hosted construction.

The Schlumberger portfolio of Sensa fiber-optic monitoring systems includes a range of distributed measurement technologies for a range of applications.

Integriti Data Manager software

This midstream pipeline and process integrity software offers multiple advantages, including

  • dynamic geopositioned satellite map of complete asset
  • zoomability from the high-level overview down to a resolution of a few feet anywhere
  • precise location of events and alarms
  • top-five most-recent unacknowledged alarms on all screens and links to all other interfaces
  • detailed information for all events and alarms and the ability to open the relevant live datastream centered on the selected event
  • interpretation of the characteristics of an event of interest at a deep level
  • ability to open multiple datastreams from different locations simultaneously
  • connectivity and data acquisition status information presented on the system health screen.

Leak detection software

Schlumberger leak detection software consolidates multiple instrument datastreams, presenting the operator with a single harmonized user interface. Alarms are directly delivered from the software to the pipeline or plant process control system via industry-standard protocols.

The software consists of two fundamental elements—a powerful multistream data management architecture and an easy-to-use graphical user interface. The data management architecture ensures that every event is received from the connected data acquisition instruments, handled appropriately, processed, and presented to the operator in line with operational procedures. Alarm management can be tailored for each system depending on requirements.

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